Easton PaintingResurface your Existing Deck or Build a brand new Deck with Composite Wood!

Are you tired of wasting money sealing your deck every few years?
Are you tired of your wood looking faded, weathered and splintered?
Do you want to fix it one time and for all and save money?

Well here is what you can do. Remove all of the old surface boards and replace them with composite wood boards. If you are building a new Deck, just use Composite boards instead of real wood. That’s it! Just wash with water after that for cleaning purposes.

  • Composite wood really is incredible stuff
  • Composite wood is maintenance free
  • Composite wood looks as good as real wood
  • Composite wood feels better on your feet than real wood
  • Composite wood will not splinter, or warp
  • Composite wood looks fantastic for years and NEVER needs to be resealed.
  • Finally call 1-800-SOBRINSKI and we can do it all for you!

Stop dumping money into repairing your deck and hire Allentown deck, Bethlehem deck, or Easton deck experts to install composite wood boards. The Lehigh Valley deck specialists at Sobrinski recommend composite wood for your deck, because it is easy to maintain and durable! Call 1-800-SOBRINSKI right away to find out more about composite wood and Sobrinski’s installation services.

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