Allentown Commercial PaintingCommercial Businesses
Sobrinski Painting is your solution for all of your organization’s decorating and remodeling needs. We work in office buildings, restaurants, car dealerships, malls, childcare centers, hotels and many other types of commercial businesses. Sobrinski Painting has the expertise and capability to quickly restore your building structures to their original beauty and to create a whole new look if desired. Remember we do the painting, the flooring and the carpentry providing our customers with a convenient one source solution for all of your ongoing decorating and remodeling needs.

Allentown Institutional PaintingEducational, medical care, health care and governmental institutions are “occupied” space that require the utmost sensitivity to the needs of their particular clientele group, such as, students, patients or residents. The problem for these institutions is that there is often too little planning and their management staff goes from one crisis to the next with contractors ill prepared to look comprehensively at meeting their ongoing complex needs. These institutions are not in the business of decorating and remodeling maintenance which is why numerous institutions have turned to Sobrinski Painting to do so. Sobrinski Painting assists facility managers of public and private institutions understand the complexity and scope of their ongoing need and provides them with comprehensive pricing guidelines for planning, budgeting and cost effective project management.

Sobrinski Painting meets the needs of industrial organizations as well. We paint tanks, smokestacks, ceiling decks and bar joists, dust collectors, machinery, walls, roofs and floors. We use preparation methods which include air blasting, sandblasting, shot blasting, power washing and conventional scraping and sanding. We apply a full range of high performance coating systems from epoxy coatings to aliphatic urethanes. We have our own safety program and routinely adapt to the safety requirements unique to the particular industry in question. Given the larger size of our experienced and safety conscious staff we have been able to meet the unusual and pressing needs that production facilities may require. Working around the production routines of an industry to avoid shut downs if possible is our specialty.

House of Worship
Sobrinski Painting can totally restore your house of worship to its original beauty. Often times, houses of worship are difficult to maintain because of their unique surfaces and structure. However we have the experts who are experienced in this difficult and unique work. On the exteriors, we paint steeples and bell towers using cranes, high reach equipment and boatswain chairs. We will perform normal painting maintenance or do total restoration of the substrate by chemical removal of the old paint finish and/or chemical cleaning and waterproofing of masonry surfaces. In the interiors, we do decorative refinishing of artistic and faux finishes including marbleizing and gold leafing. We can install new drywall, whole new wall systems, make plaster repairs and recreate decorative sculptured plaster. We can refinish your pews at a fraction of the cost of replacement. This type of work is often the most exciting and rewarding service that we perform because it provides us with an opportunity to display our many talents and experience.

General Contractors
If you are a General Contractor and are looking for a painting, flooring and carpentry subcontractor that can commit to schedules and can supply enormous man power to knock out work fast, well then you want Sobrinski Painting. Sobrinski Painting is the subcontractor that Generals have dreamed about for years. We micro manage every aspect of our jobs from start to finish. Once you try us, you will keep using us!