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You will find that we are experts in the entire painting process which includes: customer service, estimation, product selection, product procurement, color selections, project management, high quality craftsmanship and appropriate follow up.

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Painting your home will add beauty to your home like nothing else! We have literally painted more than 10,000 homes since our company began in 1981. We have won countless awards for painting and remodeling services.

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Our Lehigh Valley kitchen remodeling services will take your old kitchen and transform it into the new beautiful kitchen you always wanted.

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From new fixtures to new tile floors, Sobrinski has the experts to handle any type of bathroom upgrade. Sleep easy knowing you chose the best with Sobrinski.

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Sobrinski Painting is your solution for all of your organization’s decorating and remodeling needs. We work in office buildings, restaurants, car dealerships, malls, childcare centers, hotels and many other types of commercial businesses. Sobrinski Painting has the expertise and capability to quickly restore your building structures to their original beauty and to create a whole new look if desired.

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Sobrinski Painting meets the needs of industrial organizations as well. We paint tanks, smokestacks, ceiling decks and bar joists, dust collectors, machinery, walls, roofs and floors. Working around the production routines of an industry to avoid shut downs if possible is our specialty.

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Educational, medical care, health care and governmental institutions are “occupied” space that require the utmost sensitivity to the needs of their particular clientele group, such as, students, patients or residents. Sobrinski Painting assists facility managers of public and private institutions understand the complexity and scope of their ongoing need and provides them with comprehensive pricing guidelines for planning, budgeting and cost effective project management.

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Sobrinski Painting can totally restore your house of worship to its original beauty. Often times, houses of worship are difficult to maintain because of their unique surfaces and structure. However we have the experts who are experienced in this difficult and unique work.

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Building new and redoing spaces can be a nightmare for homeowners because you need to coordinate the schedule of many different contractors. Also finding reputable contractors can be a difficult thing to do. At Sobrinski we make things easy for our customers.
Let us put your whole project together for you.

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We've got you covered… with freshly painted walls and new carpet! Combining painting and flooring really does make sense! It delivers a better job, allows you to make the best choice for your room, and only requires your furniture to be moved once, saving you time and money.

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When a garden hose won't do, power wash it!
You won't believe the difference a little water can make!

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Wallpaper is the wall treatment of choice for many homeowners who want colorful patterns and textures on room walls.