Aluminum Siding

Old Chalky Aluminum Siding
can be Painted!

  • Painting Aluminum looks fantastic!
  • Painting Aluminum has NO limit on color choice
  • Painting Aluminum looks better than vinyl
  • Painting Aluminum costs a fraction of the price compared to replacing it with vinyl
  • Painting Aluminum will not peel or crack
  • Painting Aluminum will last up to 30 years

Are you interested in hiring aluminum siding experts in the Allentown, Bethlehem, or Easton areas? No matter where you are in the Lehigh Valley, the aluminum siding installation specialists at Sobrinski are available when you need them. Call 1-800-SOBRINSKI to have your Allentown aluminum siding, Bethlehem aluminum siding, or Easton aluminum siding installed right away!