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New Decorative Epoxy Floor

Allentown Central Catholic High School Locker Room

Sobrinski Painting has been the most trusted name in the painting game for almost four decades. That being said, you can’t be successful that long without evolving in an ever changing business like painting. One of the cornerstones of Sobrinski Painting is that we have become so much more than just a paint company. Construction, demolition, cabinets, residential and light commercial flooring and much more has become large parts of our services as well. So in that spirit Sobrinski Painting would like to announce that we are now in the Industrial and Marine flooring industry!

Allentown Central Catholic High School reached out to us about upgrading their floor, and with the help of our experienced and skillful team, we made all of their dreams come true. As the before and after pictures will show you, Sobrinski Painting can run with the very best in the industrial epoxy floor game! The complex, but durable and beautiful floor system was installed with a four coat epoxy system that will last for years and years. If you are in need of a complex epoxy floor, and you don’t know where to turn, look no further for Sobrinski Painting!

We are expanding our game! And would love to be your epoxy floor coating specialist!