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Our Lady of Mercy

Our Lady of Mercy is an older and magnificent church on a hill in Easton. Sobrinski Painting worked together with Fr. Keith and his building committee to create a plan to re-paint the interior and exterior of the Church and the exterior of the Rectory. Taking our lead from the faded colors on the Church’s exterior, we sought to incorporate, enhance and embellish the exterior color scheme into the Church’s interior. Adding new colors and patterning the colors in distinct and systematic ways, we sought to draw attention to the Church’s most striking and majestic features. The altar and the large painting of Christ became the focal point along with the beautiful stained glass windows that adorn the sides of the sanctuary. The new colors draw the eye to these majestic features creating one awe-inspiring whole. Come see the glorious results at 132 South 5th Street in Easton.

The exterior painting was completed in the Fall of 2017. The interior painting was completed in three weeks in the late summer of 2018. State-of-the-art high performance and specialized coatings were applied to the exterior and interior surfaces to ensure durability, color retention and wash-ability. In addition to the painting, carpentry repairs were made, patching repairs to stucco, dryvit and concrete surfaces were performed, hardwood floors were refinished and extensive cleaning was completed to statues, glass, pews and adjacent surfaces. Both projects were staffed by highly skilled professional crafts persons with training and expertise specific to tasks at hand. Sobrinski Painting is most proud of the hard work and dedication of its employees. The results are striking, breathtaking and perhaps spiritually trans formative for all who visit.