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Versum Materials

Sobrinski Painting has been servicing Versum Materials on many different projects for several years now. These projects have included a kitchen remodel, interior painting, exterior painting, various renovations and insurance work.

Our first project at Versum, the remodeling of their cafeteria, is worth featuring. We met with their facilities manager to collaborate and devise a plan to create for them a more updated feel in their cafeteria space. We took the necessary steps in passing their safety training requirements to work at the facility. We also obtained the necessary security clearances for our painters and carpenters required to work at their facility.

With the help from our kitchen designer Frank and his kitchen design renderings, we designed a kitchen layout that they were looking for. We coordinated this project with our necessary trades (plumbing, electrical, carpentry and painting) to successfully complete the job in a professional manner. We created a Gantt chart to show Versum how we were going to systematically get the job done. We ordered all the materials required with our local vendors and suppliers.

This planning and coordination was critical in order to minimize disruption at Versum. The success of this project gave us the opportunity build a strong rapport with their facility manager. This project also allowed them to see the type of quality work we can provide to them. Since this initial project, we have assisted in four other projects and have two more projects pending approval. By providing Versum with so many different types of services, Sobrinski Painting’s “we do it all” philosophy has allowed Versum to finish complicated projects with a simple phone call to Sobrinski Painting.

We are excited to complete many more in the years to come!